Hommies is a culinary platform that allows amateur chefs and food enthusiasts to connect and share their traditional cuisines. 

These days traditional restaurants are getting more and more expensive. In addition, they need to follow customized receipts and therefore, they have to avoid the original ones.

This leads to creating one’s own business, which is similar to a restaurant business. However, in order for somebody to start a new business, one needs to have in mind few specific things: firstly, one needs to make sure that he/she has enough income to support one’s business; secondly, one needs to have enough knowledge in how to manage business; and lastly, one has to have some sources for how and where to reach the client.

Therefore, our mission is to create a digital platform, where there would be two sides of people - the ones that are making the product and the ones that are buying the product. In other words, one of the sides would be making their best specialty meals and then the other side would be buying and eating their amazingly created food. 


Our goal is to bring a new cuisine experience to your lives. The aim is to connect passionate cooks with their amazing meals to hungry people, who want to try something different for a very reasonable price. 

On top of that, we work towards the goal of eliminating the food waste and get the maximum out of it. Tons of food are being thrown out each year due to food waste and we are here to fight it. Help us fight that challenge! 

Food is a source of joy, particularly when it is prepared with a lot of love. Homemade meals do more than fill our stomachs: they bring people together. One of the most satisfying aspects of becoming a passionate chef is being able to share their creations and experience the joy that their dish brings to others. Hommies enables you to share your signature dishes with members of your group and receive instant input on how your food is affecting them.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to bring people together through the joy of sharing food and culture, in order to provide sustainable, balanced meal choices, while also creating opportunities for professional food craftsmen.
  • In addition, we want to make food available  for everyone from different ethnicities across the World.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to bring high-quality home-made food to everybody who appreciates a healthy, fresh, and authentic meal, but has no time or expertise to prepare one for themselves.


The real challenge here is the food waste, as we already mentioned before. Each year, tons of food are being thrown out due to insufficient planning and wanting to eat more.

Instead of throwing the meal away, simply sell it online to somebody else. You will not only support the real challenge here, but also earn an extra money and feed somebody else’s belly. It honestly is as easy as it sounds.

We can achieve more if we are in it together! Let's make a change.